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So I am watching the entire series again. Just finished season 1 and am now into season 2. I noticed something I didn’t really notice before?

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[SPOILER] Noticed on rewatch that in S3E1 Gloria picks up the trophy that _____ kept from S3E3

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Fargo seems like a very allegorical show, like each season kind of represents something else. I haven’t looked much into it, but is there general consensus as to what each season really represents? Here is what I feel like I’ve heard:

Season 1 – A lot of religious symbols and scenarios, allegory about the devil coming to town (Malvo is literally the devil)

Season 2 – Rise of corporate america and fall of the family business

Season 3 – ?? Not sure what this is, I’ve heard to cold war early on but there seemed to be too much actual fighting for it to be allegory for the cold war.

Interested to hear takes on these, especially on season 3.

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