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Why didn’t VM Varga hold the little boy hostag…

If he had held the boy hostage I doubt Nicki or Mr Wrench would be willing to let them hurt the boy.

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Why do you think they deleted the gas station …

So in season 1 there’s a deleted scene where mr wrench and mr numbers go into a gas station, kill three people and take the money and chips, it’s a pretty good scene I wonder why they removed it, why do you think?

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Great show!

Just binge watched season 1 for a day and a half. Truly great story with great acting. Do you think they had already writen story from seson 2? There is so many nods to the Sioux Falls storyline.

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Best character in all of Fargo

Any character from any season. Who is the best, in your opinion?

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Does anyone have the trailer for S2 that used …

I checked YouTube but couldn’t find that specific one

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Season 4 should def be set in 1930’s

They could easily pull it off, they show a good 1950’s flashback during season 2 with Otto and Dodd and it would be cool to see more of it, they could use ww2 as a good sub-plot and especially the great depression, the characters could have a huge wage gap, poor vs rich or something, plus the first three seasons and movie are pretty close together so it would be cool for a big time switch.

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If you guys haven’t seen this edit of Fargo ma… A lot can happen in a small place

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Watching Fargo season 2

I have been rewatching Fargo season two. Where is Dodd’s and Bears wifes? They made mention of them but we never get to see them.

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I believe someone’s already asked this, but wo…

Like they know he didn’t kill Pearl, but there’s still the case of the gun, like possibly in a court of law he could be let on probation for being wrongfully accused I imagine, like how would it work in the sense of he had an illegal firearm, but he didn’t kill Pearl? Something I’ve thought about before

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[spoilers] I believe someone does come into th…

Episode 1 starts with the interrogation. During this interrogation, the government official in Berlin declares that the state cannot be wrong. Even if it means spitting in the face of real justice, the state cannot be wrong.

What do we know about Varga? He travels around the world meddling in billion dollar businesses. He has information/intelligence gathered about anything and everything he wants. He has a group of enforcers that spans much further than a few henchmen (think last meeting with Stussy, where at least 20 men are in the house with guns).

He says in the last scene that someone with more authority than Burgle is going to come in and say to release him immediately, and that there will be nothing she can do to change that.

I believe Varga works for the government in some way. A government just as corrupt as Berlin in episode 1.

Edit: Almost forgot, Varga’s attire is a brown trench coat, famously depicted as being used by spies and cia.

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