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I don’t know when this happened or if I’m late but the third season is on hulu now!

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Well, i make a Game Development college, and in this semester i have to make a text game. So i was thinking about themes to make a game about, and it stroke me that Fargo may be a good theme.

The story would be original but with the form of the series, and i bet in creating a good original plot that has the same standards as the series plots.

I thought about some base stories but i was thinking if you wanted to propose or to help me writing a story for it.

And if you want to propose game mechanics and etc you’re welcome too.

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Just finishing s3 and have had a good time spotting the connections between the seasons. Because the entirety of Season 2 is obvious, let’s focus on S3. So far: Malvo narrator episode 4 Luverne inscribed on the bag of doggy ashes in the safe deposit box. The stamp, a man pushing a rock uphill, the Myth of Sisyphus. The deaf Hitman, season two on the ball field and season one…

What else?

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When Varga says “ In five minutes that door is going to open, and a man you can’t argue with will tell me I’m free to go.”

I am positive that same dialogue happened somewhere else. Was it a scene in another season, or maybe a movie?

It has been quite a while since I watched the first two seasons and part of me wants to say that it was a scene with Malvo, but without rewatching I can’t be sure and thought I would ask here.

EDIT Thank you /u/simonpheenicks It was Lord Of War!

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What did he mean when he said: “You ever been to Baltimore?” At which he pulls out his gun. Was it some kind of failed distraction, or was there a subtle reference?

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Like Lester buying the best offer socks. And pretty much anything Lorne Malvo says, especially at the motel talking about pets. So much bizarre awkward conversations. It is so funny and jarring in a show about murder. I absolutely love this show so far and I am super glad I decided to check it out on a whim.

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I started watching Fargo on Hulu just about a week ago and am now on S3e03. I’m really loving the show, but one thing I’ve noticed from binge watching it like this is how many times characters will bring the dialogue to a slow down with a tangentially related story/parable. This always ends the same way, the character being relayed the story is confused/doesn’t understand the point, then the person telling the story has to say “I guess my point is…” leaving the other character with a deep insight into their situation or their own character.

It’s a stylistic choice, and I like it in moderation, but it happened enough in S1 and S2, and now the I’ve reached one in S3, that it’s starting to feel like it’s used too much.

How do you feel about it? Love it? Don’t like it? Didn’t notice it?

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Did the film feel like it existed in the same world to you? Did you enjoy it? Did you feel it aged well?

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As Sy goes to get into his car, he looks up and seems Emmit. He waves but Emmit just closes the curtains without so much as nod.

I know he was becoming suspicious about Sy, but their last conversation indicates that Emmit pushed that out of his mind and believed in his ‘friend’ once more.

It’s also shown throughout the season just how cruel and vindictive Emmit can be towards his ‘friend’. Treats him like a pet, more than a partner at times.

Did he ever truly trust him? Did he ever truly care about him in a regard like that?

The logical choice would be that Varga wouldn’t tell him his plans, as he always kept him in the dark. But that doesn’t explain the cold shoulder.

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Hello first post here,


I was wondering if someone could elaborate a bit on the ending of the qoute of Karl (the lawyer 🙂 ) when entering the station in episode 7 in season 2, especially the ending:
“…to wit, this poor, mottled wretoh in front of me”.
I’m not a native speaker so i barely translated the words with all the internet’s help, let alone find the true meaning.

And i’ve searched if it is a quote from somewhere but it doesn’t show up so i guess it’s unique piece written just for the episode.

Thanks again 🙂

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