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I got a few questions. I really like the show …

1.). Is this show done now, because I was kind of hoping for a better end to it. Season 3’s end just felt stale and dull compared to the other seasons. Someone is coming thru the door someone is not coming through the door???

  1. Is it really possible for someone to go from wimp to full blown psychopath like Lester Nygaard did. I mean that is quite a transformation.

Also why would he want to tangle with Lorne Malvo again? He had a great life?

3.). None of these stories are actually true so why make a big deal about them being true.

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Started Fargo Season One today and the Pilot i…

So, I finally started watching Fargo the TV Show.

First of all, I count the Coen’s Fargo as my third favorite Coen Brothers movie (after The Big Lebowski & No Country for Old Men) and it’s one of my favorite 90s movies.

Why didn’t I ever start watching the TV Show?

I don’t know. Really. I don’t know.

So a week ago my friend borrowed me his Netflix Account (because I wanted to start with Breaking Bad, a TV show I also never watched) and then I stumbled across Fargo and gave it a try.

The pilot absolutely blew me away. The cast is fantastic, the atmosphere, the humor, the timing, the dialogue, the violence and the intrigue is fantastic. It’s funny that in terms of tone and atmosphere the Show really feels like the movie and also has some very similar “homages” in its setting and characters, but still tells a unique and captivating story in itself.

I could binge watch the Show since it’s on Netflix, but I want to experience it the way many others experienced it, so I’m just gonna watch one (maybe two) episodes a week.

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A safe bet we’ll see a certain somebody in Sea…

Its a damn shame Season 4 is so far away but I’m totally psyched. The backdrop and the story so far (plus Chris Rock) all seem great. I see there’s already a lot of speculation that a young Mike Milligan will somehow be involved and while that would be sweet I’m not totally sold. However, I’ve convinced myself that we will see the reappearance of the Undertaker. He already seems pretty old (maybe Hank’s age?) back in 1979 and with his only line he refers to Mike as an eggplant, a common slur originating from the Italian word moulinyan. Considering the Italian mafia are major players this upcoming season, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw just how the Undertaker got his nickname. (wouldn’t be surprised if he was a WWII or Korean vet either.) Total speculation obviously but all the pieces are there.

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Malvo killing spree reminds me of my favorite …

I was rewatching season 1 today, and I love the scene in episode 7 where Malvo takes on the Fargo operation and you get sound and a camera moving, but no real visuals.

I also recently played through one of the classic Lucas Arts Adventure Games. There’s a classic sequence in the game (originally with no sound, but this is the special edition) where the protagonist Guybrush Threepwood breaks into the governor’s mansion and you get a similar sequence.

I like to think the writers of season 1 were inspired by this game, but perhaps there is another legendary movie or other filmed scene that uses a similar concept.

Either way, it’s a great way to allow the viewer (or player) to experience a thrilling scene on a budget and to let their imagination take over.

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What are Lorne’s hobbies or interests?

I have guessed that reading is one of them, but was there any hints on what he enjoyed doing in his free time?

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If they had kept with the 15 month gap between seasons (June 2014-October 2015, December 2015-April 2017) season 4 would be premiering next month. Feelsbadman.

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I just noticed Season 3 is on Hulu. How long h…

I was just browsing through Hulu, and saw Fargo has all three seasons now. Did it just go up? I’ve been wanting my sister to watch it, but she hasn’t been able to, but now she can.

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Season 3 music question (possible spoilers)

Is the numbers and wrench theme that is used throughout the final episodes of season three just the original slowed down? If it’s a different track, where can I find it? Thanks

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which season was the clsoest to make you teary…

in my opinion season 3 is the most one that made me emotional. my sould was shoked many times in this season. i am not saying this is the beat season. i am just saying this is the season that i was the most emotional sate in. sorry i dont know how to word that in english.

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Just watched Fargo movie 1996.. Amazing..Steve…

Anyone who have not watched it should watch..There is a scene which connects the movie with Season 1 of fargo series

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