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So how does Hanzee/Tripoli establish his crimi…

It’s all speculation, but I’m curious how you guys think Hanzee was able to set himself up to be the criminal overlord of North Dakota.

We know from season 2 that KC has officially beaten the Gerhardts, and they have already deployed people to take over their territory.

So not only would Hanzee have to take out an established crew with boots on the ground, he would have to contend with the weight of KC. We can assume this weight is substantial given we never see anyone above “middle management” throughout season 2.

Hanzee’s guy who sets him up with his new identity blatantly says that KC will be armed and ready, to which Hanzee makes it clear he’s not afraid of the threat.

So how does Hanzee re-emerge and create so much interference that KC gives up on their northern expansion? I think it’s important to note that the expansion got off the ground and was no longer a “plan underway,” which would make any criminal organization less willing to just give up on it. Even during the process of acquiring Northern Territory, KC loses lots of guys but never discusses pulling out of the campaign.

I have a theory that’s pretty tinfoil, but I’d like to hear what you guys think.

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Where, I believe, the Fargo TV series is going…

Godlike antagonists.

In the movie Fargo, what really sold me was that both the protagonists and antagonists were totally incompetent and therefore completely relatable.

In the three seasons of Fargo that have been aired thus far, what has really gotten to me is the change from stupid antagonists to these sort of god tier antagonists. I mean the moronic criminals are still there, but they’re in the background and generally play second fiddle to the overpowered monsters that have come to characterize the TV show.

In the first season, we have Malvo. I love Malvo, but he’s not really human. He’s one guy operating pretty much alone. He’s very clever, but at the same time no man can be everywhere at once.

Hanzee Dent is pretty much just a god of war. Again, like Malvo, he seems to be able to do things that are borderline impossible. Of the god tier antagonists though, he’s probably the least offensive as he does, for most of the plot, work with other people until right near the end.

The worst offender though of this entire batch, and why I might consider cancellation justified, is fucking V.M. Varga. Varga is impossible. I like him, but he seems to have perfect information and I pretty much lost respect for the show when he and his boys took on the prison transport. With that kind of power at his fingertips he doesn’t need Stussy. Pretty much the entire of season 3 in fact makes no sense. I also think that Swango butchering a whole mob gets a little silly near the end too.

Where are the incompetent antagonists these days?

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Did anyone dislike the S1 building shootout?

I suppose it was a cool cinematic effect to follow Malvo’s progression from the outside of the building, but the whole scene just seemed so cartoonish to me.

Silly things like a guy giving Malvo the elevator code for no real reason or someone telling him to freeze instead of just shooting at him. And then there’s no real payoff. You don’t even see Tripoli die, just that fake Australian sounding guy.

Anyone else think this scene was underwhelming?

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So what exactly ticked off Hanzee?

Just finished the season 2 again, I used to think that Hanzee witnessing the vomit and shit on the “22 Indians were hanged..Sioux Falls” sign basically flips him the wrong way then the bar scene, where Hanzee tells the bar keep that he had won a purple heart and medals in nam and yet the bartender insults him. I think at that point he just flipped out.

But upon second watching I think that was not the main reason, because Hanzee had always been insulted and Dodd never really treated him right. Dodd treated him like his own dog. So I don’t think Hanzee cared about feelings, he knew his place as a native and knew that people have derogatory views about his race.

Now, I think Hanzee saw that the family is breaking and he could take advantage of the situation and hence he did what he did. What do you guys think?

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Yes, Gus would have been arrested for first de…

People who say that Gus would have gotten away with it are mistaken. Yes, perhaps in the middle of nowhere that might be the case, but you’re overlooking a huge factor:

The death of the two FBI agents. That’s just not going to be handled by police in the middle of nowhere. It’s not even going to be handled by state police. You’re talking about 100s of FBI agents investigating every single detail, forensic techs dusting every square inch of Malvo’s cabin for fingerprints.

No, Gus did not wear gloves when entering Malvos home.No, he didn’t wipe down the scene with peroxide and vacuum to remove any DNA he left. No, he did not wear booties at the cabin, wipe off the soles of his shoes, or even throw the shoes out later.

For god sake, watch the scene again, he literally rested his entire hand (fingerprints) on the table with the fish in Malvo’s cabin.

Literally every single police agency in the country fingerprints their employees. However, let’s ignore that for a moment. Gus works for the USPS which definitely, as a matter of fact, fingerprints their employees.

“Yes, but no one would would prosecute”. Maybe that’s true that he could get off on self-defense. However if you don’t report the incident to the police you can bet that’s not going to be the case. If you shoot someone, walk away, never say anything then say it’s self defense when caught, then you’re screwed. Fine, maybe the local police wouldn’t have done anything, whatever. However the events surrounding the deaths of two FBI agents would never be left to them to investigate in the first place. They would have been told to eat dirt.

“No jury would convict”. Sure maybe in wherever it is they live that might be the case. However a federal employee (USPS) who has been found to commit a homicide which is connected to the deaths of 2 FBI agents isn’t even going to get the chance for being tried at the local/state level.

They wouldn’t even need a confession or guilty plea in the first case, but let’s consider it. How long do you think Gus can withstand interrogation by FBI agents? What do you think Gus would do when they threaten to prosecute Molly for improperly investigating the murder he committed (regardless of whether or not that’s true), and would be charged for obstruction of justice and being an accomplice after the fact?There’s not even any question about it, Gus pleas out immediately.

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Have you ever watched season 1 of Fargo and ju…

Like think about it like this, maybe every Christmas he takes a break as a hitman and decides to rob mall’s disguised as Santa Clause, and he pretends to be an alcoholic and drunk as part of the act, he never actually was drunk or drinking alcohol, it was non-alcoholic and all part of a play to trick people into thinking he’s someone else, he even acts like Malvo with the way he talks to kids and other people, and he even pretends to be interested in sex when Malvo himself clearly isn’t, before you insult me, think about it! it’s genius! Who’s gonna believe “Oh there’s this Hitman guy Loren Malvo, I think he might be the same guy as the alcoholic santa that robs malls with his midget elf friend.”, see? it’s genius, that’s why the cops in Fargo never belief anything the other cops say! Boom, I just cracked the case, we all know who Malvo actually is now.

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Season 2 no longer on Netflix?

Maybe a NZ Netflix thing but was half way through just the other day and now only season 1 is on there.

Do seasons get removed from Netflix for some reason?

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Would Varga have kept his word?

When he offers Nikki Swango a job after she successfully outmaneuvers him in the hotel lobby. Would he have actually put her to work or would he have killed her?

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Fargo Season 1 plothole?

If not a plothole I dont know what to call it. Oversight works too.

In Episode 6, Lester sets up Chaz.

What I dont get is how its so easily accepted that it was him, when it would be so easy to disprove.

First Chaz would surely have an alibi for the night of the murders. They occured at night, he was most likely in bed with his wife. Where else would he possibly be? And if he wasnt home he’d have an alibi for wherever he was regardless. His wife could also corroborate the story. Now lets say for some reason he has no alibi for that night, the evidence plant is so obvious its almost insulting to the intelligence of everyone involved. If Chaz had committed the murders why would he ever take the murder weapon from the scene, place it with the pair of panties and a picture of Pearl, and put them all together in his GUN RACK?!

Could’ve also just checked the Hospital security cameras..

Disregarding the case Molly already had constructed sure, shoddy police work.

“Lets just assure that if they find the hammer that I make sure to incriminate myself to the fullest extent I possibly can! Who needs to bury evidence in this day & age? Ha!”

Granted I havent finished the season yet but its just out of the realm of possibility that everyone involved would be so incompetent. Irked me.

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Ending sceen season 3 (spoiler)

Hi I just saw the last episode of season three. I know that the sceen with David Thewlis (VM Varga) is a reference to another movie or show. He talks about a higher ranked officer will come into the room and release him without the police woman beeing able to do anything about it. I know this is a reference to some tv show or movie, but I simply can remeber or find it on Google. Can anyone help me?

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