Character Tangents/Parables

I started watching Fargo on Hulu just about a week ago and am now on S3e03. I’m really loving the show, but one thing I’ve noticed from binge watching it like this is how many times characters will bring the dialogue to a slow down with a tangentially related story/parable. This always ends the same way, the character being relayed the story is confused/doesn’t understand the point, then the person telling the story has to say “I guess my point is…” leaving the other character with a deep insight into their situation or their own character.

It’s a stylistic choice, and I like it in moderation, but it happened enough in S1 and S2, and now the I’ve reached one in S3, that it’s starting to feel like it’s used too much.

How do you feel about it? Love it? Don’t like it? Didn’t notice it?

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