Alternate Timeline theory (re: Molly’s age) *s…

It’s bugged me that Molly’s age changes from season 1 to season 2. According to season 1 Lou, Molly was 4 during the events of season 2. But during the actual season 2, Molly was 6 years old.

First, it may be nothing. Maybe they just thought a 6 year old worked better in the role. Sadder to watch her lose her mother? I don’t know. But here’s an alternate timeline theory that’s out of left field (but not completely).

Remember Betsy’s dream? Where she saw the future, with all the cool gadgets and the happy family, Colin Hanks included. But then there was the other part of the dream, the one where that future was threatened by evil.

So what if the future from the season 2 timeline was actually wiped out by evil? Since we’ve already seen season 1, and we know how the family survives, it seems kind of silly to be fearful. Unless we leave open the possibility that season 2’s future WAS wiped out. And that what we are watching in season 1 is an alternate timeline, a parallel universe where Lou and Betsy still had a little girl named Molly…only born 2 years later.

Yeah, probably crazy. But it’s a pretty crazy show.

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