Which Actor/Actors impressed you as their char…

I say Jeffrey Donovan as Dodd. I liked his performance in Blair Witch 2, but everything else I’ve seen him in I found him wooden. But in Fargo he was intimidating as Dodd. I forgot he actually had range.

Ted Danson, wow! I didn’t know he could do so much with just his eyes. For example, the scene he had with Mike Milligan, tries to keep his cool and then walks back to his car relieved he didn’t get killed. Also when he’s dealing with the cops from South Dakota.

And last MEW, her role in season 3 got me to watch Cloverfield Lane. I knew her for her horror films but this was the first mature role i saw her in. I didn’t think she would have such a big impact in season 3. Totally believed her as a former con.

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