THEORY: Malvo the confession collector, evil o…

Possible spoilers ahead. This is my theory, id love people’s input and outside the box thinking for this one.

I’ve seen all three series and one thing isn’t clear. Season 1, episode 1. Intro.

Loren Malvo is driving at night with his hostage in the trunk. He has a radio on and the shaken and upset man speaking through his radio/pre-recorded tape says the following. “They won’t… she won’t stop, you know? Day after… I was a maker. I’m gonna do it tonight, whilst she’s sleeping. But I’m scared” [TURNS OFF RADIO].

What does this mean? • Is the man speaking the same man in the trunk of Malvo’s car? • Is it another man who, like Lester, was coerced into uxoricide?

• Is this what Malvo does? Gets people to commit murder for his own gratification? Was Lester not the only one? [SPOILER] • The same man in the trunk is shown being dragged out of his workplace by his tie by Malvo – but they said it was gambling problem, is the man in the trunk the same man speaking? What was Malvo planning to do with the recorded tape? Was he going to collect all his tapes of confessions from every husband who he coerced into killing their own wives, then at his deathbed, release them to the police causing mayhem for all?

By doing the above, can he be considered to have a motive to do good? In the sense that he allows people to murder and records confessions to rid the world of people capable of this? Or does he worship disorder and chaos?

EDIT: I know Malvo doesn’t have good intentions, maybe I should have asked whether you believe he has any role in the world as weeding out immorality and evil from seemingly innocent and normal people such as Lester, and punishing them for their actions. What I’m trying to say, is that Malvo brings out suppressed evil in others, and then punishes them, whether for his own devices or not, can he be seen as revealing the trash of society and removing them, ergo bettering the world? It’s a stretch I know, but it’s what essentially happens.

Please let me know any thoughts. LJM

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