A theory i have about season 2 that i haven’t …

I have a theory about why Hanzee went crazy and killed everyone at the end that i haven’t seen yet. I’m sure someone has said this before but i haven’t seen it mentioned so i’ll carry on and if it’s an obvious thing then please tell me so.

When Hanzee goes to the diner in episode 4 he looks at the clock on the wall, and the time is roughly 10 past 7. Then when he goes outside he sees a bright light in the sky, and he’s clearly affected by it. Then when he looks at his pocket watch the time is now 9 o’clock.

2 hours go by where we don’t see what happens at all, so surely this must be the point where Hanzee turns his motivations around? We know that the aliens are interested in the different massacres, as they show themselves both at the diner and at Sioux Falls. Maybe they are the ones who set this whole thing in motion.

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