Lorne Malvo ruined Fargo for me.

Lorne Malvo was such an incredible character that the show hasn’t quite been able to recover from, in my opinion, since. He’s such a convincing and enjoyable predator that you think he’s gonna make it right up until the end.

He terrifies residents with nothing but a gaze and always seems to be 3 steps ahead when everyone else around him, and in the following seasons even, seems to be bumbling through.

Didn’t really enjoy season 2 because of how much I enjoyed most of the characters in the first season, while the strange pacing and meta-plot of s2 also turned me off.

But the show itself I think suffered from how well built up that first season was and how incredible the characters were.

Half-way through season 3 and am enjoying it more. But parts of it are absolutely gut-wrenchingly hard to watch. IE basically the entirety of episode 5.

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