What do y’all think of s3?

Just watched the last episode and I’m so disappointed. I had to drag myself through the first few episodes, they were so boring. The story about Ennis Stussy was boring and completely irrelevant. And the whole animated thing about the robot? That shit sucked. I didn’t like any of the new characters except varga and I liked the Russian even though he didn’t have much depth. I hated swango and ray, in fact the only times I actually got excited this season is when they were killed. Emmit was dull and weak, Gloria was boring. I was rooting for Sy at some point but turns out he was useless too. The ending was awful! Emmit gets killed? Why? I love the ruthlessness of Fargo but it just felt.. pointless. And what happens with varga?? (I don’t really even care)

Anyway do people agree/disagree? If people could point things out maybe I missed or.. what did you guys like about s3?

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