Started Fargo Season One today and the Pilot i…

So, I finally started watching Fargo the TV Show.

First of all, I count the Coen’s Fargo as my third favorite Coen Brothers movie (after The Big Lebowski & No Country for Old Men) and it’s one of my favorite 90s movies.

Why didn’t I ever start watching the TV Show?

I don’t know. Really. I don’t know.

So a week ago my friend borrowed me his Netflix Account (because I wanted to start with Breaking Bad, a TV show I also never watched) and then I stumbled across Fargo and gave it a try.

The pilot absolutely blew me away. The cast is fantastic, the atmosphere, the humor, the timing, the dialogue, the violence and the intrigue is fantastic. It’s funny that in terms of tone and atmosphere the Show really feels like the movie and also has some very similar “homages” in its setting and characters, but still tells a unique and captivating story in itself.

I could binge watch the Show since it’s on Netflix, but I want to experience it the way many others experienced it, so I’m just gonna watch one (maybe two) episodes a week.

This is what you want