I caught something EXTREMELY obscure.

Could be a mistake by the video editors (seeing as how I’ve done this exact thing in Adobe Premiere). Anyways, I just got into this show and am loving every moment of it. The actors are great.

But, I’m here watching episode 7 of season 1 on Netflix and about 0:50 seconds in we get a shot of Gus Grimly and we hear some talking in the background. I caught something SO strange. During this scene there is actually a quieter voice that is very clearly backwards if you listen close enough. So I went out of my way to record the audio and reverse it myself. It goes on to be a female receptionist of some kind paging or calling for a doctor. “Dr. Brown” is what I can make out.

Here is a link to the original audio file: https://ufile.io/2sfjw

Here is a link to the audio file after I reversed it: https://ufile.io/sei8k

My theory is that either an editor accidentally included this audio file in the final cut as background sound for the setting and somehow or another reversed it. My other theory is that this was intentional and that their are audio clips waiting to be reversed all over the place. I have never visited this sub before but thought it to be the apt place to share this information. Please let me know your thoughts. I have no life.

This is what you want