Fargo is representing Comedy in my project on …

I’m running a short project that compares voting systems and participants views/feelings on those systems. It may also be a handy learning tool at a later stage for demonstrating the different voting systems and their effects!

Fargo is part of the East River constituency (left hand side of the page) as part of the Comedy genre/party.


If you’d like to see your show win vote.

If you’d like to help me out with my thesis vote.

…and if that doesn’t sway ye, voting will put ye in a draw for a €50 Amazon gift card!

Thank you for any help with the project, hoping to see some interesting data on people television, and voting system preferences!

Out of curiosity is Fargo a fit for Comedy? I have not watched and was under the impression it was a drama. Following Metacritic has been interesting in terms of Genre!

This is what you want