Meemo’s final glance

Someone mentioned how sad Meemo’s facial exchange with Varga was before he got killed, and it got me thinking about whether Meemo thought he was special to Varga.

You would think a professional killer like Meemo would have a heart of stone for the most part. He also would be around Varga enough to know the guy only cares about consumption and accumulation. Also, Yuri (who appeared to be of equal standing to Meemo) has died or gone MIA at this point, so he would have seen Varga’s reaction to that.

All of this leads me to believe that Meemo would fully understand that he is just hired muscle and Varga is just his employer, and yet he gives this very sad and longing look as Varga departs without him.

Maybe he just didn’t want to die, but there seems to be more complexity to it than that. Thoughts?

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