The god and the devil. S3 discussion. SPOILERS…

There was a character introduced rather early on, where Chief Gloria Burgle meets him on the plane. He turns up again later on and offers philosophical advice and kind of points her in the direction she needs.

Later on he appears in the bowling alley in a rather supernatural scene where he encourages Nikki to fulfil her vengeance and fight those who are wicked, dropping a lot of hints that he’s some higher power. Even offering her a cat, saying it is Ray, reborn. At this point, he—or rather, the writers—are suggesting he is, perhaps, God.

He then meets the Russian guy, and he is shown an image of people from his past and is never seen again.

So, is he God? And why does he exist in this story? I know it can get rather philosophical and deep, but I felt his existence in the story was a bit detaching.

From this point I couldn’t help read into other characters meanings. Varga, for example. The scene that was the strongest hint at him representing the devil was when he takes the elevator up to the storage rooms to leave the money for Nikki. He’s rather anxious going up (pun intended) and is relieved when he returns to the elevator and heads back down to where he belongs.

Another strong connection is when Emmit is confessing his crime to Gloria, he says the phrase, something along the lines of: the greatest thing the devil did was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Earlier on in the season, Varga explains to Emmit how wealth isn’t money, but in becoming invisible.

What do you all think? I feel the two characters represent God and the devil. And although it sounds far fetched, it seems odd to me that the man in the bowling alley had such strange supernatural knowledge and powers, for the writers to not include any other instances of such going ins.

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