VM Varga represents globalist elites

To avoid accusations of being a tinfoil conspiracy theorist: i’m not getting into the story if “globalist elites pursuing one world government” are a real thing, nor is that a point. Maybe they do, maybe not. Anyway, i think Varga represents them,either real them, or stereotypical ‘them’ from conspiracy theories.

So posts starts here:

It is accepted that Varga is a symbol of powerful people who get away with what they did, of course. But getting deeper into his character, i think he represents much more – much narrower group of such people. So called investment bankers, shady families, lobbyists, one-world-government pursuers. People who accumulate insane wealth through their lives and who constantly influence politics and happenings in the world, without any definite goal for themselves – except just getting more and more power, more and more wealth, although they personally don’t use it nor personally need it. Think Soros. Think Rotschilds or Rockefellers.

Varga’s puking thing, bulimia, is a symbol of that. Eats more than he can take, pukes so he can eat even more. He is purely, aimlessly greedy. He gains power because of power, money because of money. His teeth are rotting, he is sickly, he has no wife, children, family, hobby, nothing in life except will for more power and money – things he doesn’t even use for anything except pursuing more power and money.

His methods of destroying Emmet’s company and profiting on it, is a textbook example of what they often accuse so-called investment bankers and neo-liberals of doing everywhere in the world, real or conspiracy.

Furthermore, globalist elites are known for their hatred of nation-states, borders, nationalism, idealism of any kind. It interferes with their goals of cold hard profit. Varga repeatedly mockingly mentions “brutal nation states”, national interests, borders, famous anti-globalist politicians like Putin, mentions that he is the “citizen of the air”, which can be thought of as famous “citizen of the world”, another term said elites like.

EDIT: Not to talk about his constant mentioning of “1 percent vs 99 percent of peasants”, the “pitchfork rebellion”, “masses rising against” him etc.

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