A Proposed Chapter in the History of True Crim…

Ladies and gentleman of the Fargo sub, I’ve been a subscriber here for nine months. In that time, I’ve over-analyzed every stupid little detail of this show, as part of a writing exercise to develop my own idea for a season of Fargo, which I’ve finally finished today and present for your consideration, criticism, ridicule, etc. Technically, this is fan fiction, but what is Fargo but really good Coen brothers fan fiction? To me, it proves that fan fiction doesn’t have to suck – and this is my modest attempt to live up to that. Please let me know what you think.

For this story, I’ve examined all three seasons of the show as well as the original film to determine the rules for what makes a season of Fargo. For me, Fargo is about an antagonist that exists within the social order of Minnesota – whose greed causes them to summon outside criminal forces, with deadly results – being taken down by a small-town Minnesota cop.

In keeping with Hawley’s tradition of each season being influenced by a specific Coen brothers film, I choose “Dark Web” – a film that the Coen brothers are still in the process of writing about Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road.

Anyway, without further ado: This is a True Story

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