Where, I believe, the Fargo TV series is going…

Godlike antagonists.

In the movie Fargo, what really sold me was that both the protagonists and antagonists were totally incompetent and therefore completely relatable.

In the three seasons of Fargo that have been aired thus far, what has really gotten to me is the change from stupid antagonists to these sort of god tier antagonists. I mean the moronic criminals are still there, but they’re in the background and generally play second fiddle to the overpowered monsters that have come to characterize the TV show.

In the first season, we have Malvo. I love Malvo, but he’s not really human. He’s one guy operating pretty much alone. He’s very clever, but at the same time no man can be everywhere at once.

Hanzee Dent is pretty much just a god of war. Again, like Malvo, he seems to be able to do things that are borderline impossible. Of the god tier antagonists though, he’s probably the least offensive as he does, for most of the plot, work with other people until right near the end.

The worst offender though of this entire batch, and why I might consider cancellation justified, is fucking V.M. Varga. Varga is impossible. I like him, but he seems to have perfect information and I pretty much lost respect for the show when he and his boys took on the prison transport. With that kind of power at his fingertips he doesn’t need Stussy. Pretty much the entire of season 3 in fact makes no sense. I also think that Swango butchering a whole mob gets a little silly near the end too.

Where are the incompetent antagonists these days?

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