So how does Hanzee/Tripoli establish his crimi…

It’s all speculation, but I’m curious how you guys think Hanzee was able to set himself up to be the criminal overlord of North Dakota.

We know from season 2 that KC has officially beaten the Gerhardts, and they have already deployed people to take over their territory.

So not only would Hanzee have to take out an established crew with boots on the ground, he would have to contend with the weight of KC. We can assume this weight is substantial given we never see anyone above “middle management” throughout season 2.

Hanzee’s guy who sets him up with his new identity blatantly says that KC will be armed and ready, to which Hanzee makes it clear he’s not afraid of the threat.

So how does Hanzee re-emerge and create so much interference that KC gives up on their northern expansion? I think it’s important to note that the expansion got off the ground and was no longer a “plan underway,” which would make any criminal organization less willing to just give up on it. Even during the process of acquiring Northern Territory, KC loses lots of guys but never discusses pulling out of the campaign.

I have a theory that’s pretty tinfoil, but I’d like to hear what you guys think.

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