Yes, Gus would have been arrested for first de…

People who say that Gus would have gotten away with it are mistaken. Yes, perhaps in the middle of nowhere that might be the case, but you’re overlooking a huge factor:

The death of the two FBI agents. That’s just not going to be handled by police in the middle of nowhere. It’s not even going to be handled by state police. You’re talking about 100s of FBI agents investigating every single detail, forensic techs dusting every square inch of Malvo’s cabin for fingerprints.

No, Gus did not wear gloves when entering Malvos home.No, he didn’t wipe down the scene with peroxide and vacuum to remove any DNA he left. No, he did not wear booties at the cabin, wipe off the soles of his shoes, or even throw the shoes out later.

For god sake, watch the scene again, he literally rested his entire hand (fingerprints) on the table with the fish in Malvo’s cabin.

Literally every single police agency in the country fingerprints their employees. However, let’s ignore that for a moment. Gus works for the USPS which definitely, as a matter of fact, fingerprints their employees.

“Yes, but no one would would prosecute”. Maybe that’s true that he could get off on self-defense. However if you don’t report the incident to the police you can bet that’s not going to be the case. If you shoot someone, walk away, never say anything then say it’s self defense when caught, then you’re screwed. Fine, maybe the local police wouldn’t have done anything, whatever. However the events surrounding the deaths of two FBI agents would never be left to them to investigate in the first place. They would have been told to eat dirt.

“No jury would convict”. Sure maybe in wherever it is they live that might be the case. However a federal employee (USPS) who has been found to commit a homicide which is connected to the deaths of 2 FBI agents isn’t even going to get the chance for being tried at the local/state level.

They wouldn’t even need a confession or guilty plea in the first case, but let’s consider it. How long do you think Gus can withstand interrogation by FBI agents? What do you think Gus would do when they threaten to prosecute Molly for improperly investigating the murder he committed (regardless of whether or not that’s true), and would be charged for obstruction of justice and being an accomplice after the fact?There’s not even any question about it, Gus pleas out immediately.

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