So what exactly ticked off Hanzee?

Just finished the season 2 again, I used to think that Hanzee witnessing the vomit and shit on the “22 Indians were hanged..Sioux Falls” sign basically flips him the wrong way then the bar scene, where Hanzee tells the bar keep that he had won a purple heart and medals in nam and yet the bartender insults him. I think at that point he just flipped out.

But upon second watching I think that was not the main reason, because Hanzee had always been insulted and Dodd never really treated him right. Dodd treated him like his own dog. So I don’t think Hanzee cared about feelings, he knew his place as a native and knew that people have derogatory views about his race.

Now, I think Hanzee saw that the family is breaking and he could take advantage of the situation and hence he did what he did. What do you guys think?

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