A neat thing about the ‘True Story’ disclaimer…

So I just finished rewatching the 3rd season finale and something struck me in Nikki’s last stand against Emmet and the highway patrol officer. I strongly suspect this was not their intention whilst making it but it struck me as a neat little thing since, compositionally, the layout of the three vehicles and the layout of the words in the ‘This is a True Story’ disclaimer are one and the same.

During the intro, the way the words in ‘This is True Story’ fade out divides the sentence into three: ‘This is a’/’True’/’Story’, with the middle ‘True’ always being the first to fade out, now leaving behind ‘This is a Story.’ Everyone’s acknowledged this before, how this relates to the themes of truth/untruth and the unreliability of fact etc etc.

However, the three cars on the highway are also laid out in a three going horizontally across the centre of the screen, like the disclaimer, with Emmet’s car in the middle. When Emmet drives off, instead of just driving off the screen, his car fades out, like the ‘true’ from the disclaimer. With his car no longer there and nothing to tie him to the scene, the crime scene will tell a completely different story, one that will go on to be accepted as fact despite not actually being true. A narrative will be invented around the crime scene, and the true nature of it will never be known because Emmet- the only survivor- took the truth of it away with him, just like the ‘True’ disappears from the disclaimer. Hence, ‘This a Story.’

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