What things have you NOT liked in the show?

Personally, despite enjoying Season 3 for the most part, I thought it was kinda disrespectful to the audience in some ways

  • The fact that all the characters had a shitty ending (except maybe Wrench I guess?). Then in the last scene you think oh well at least Gloria gets to arrest Varga but nooo they had to go with the bullshit ambiguous ending which I am personally very much not a fan of and has been done to death IMO

  • That fucking chief who served literally no purpose whatsoever other than slowing the story down and pissing the audience off. Made worse by the fact that they did exactly the same thing in season 1 and 2, except in season 1 Bob Odenkirk’s character was actually good, and in season 2 it was only a small thing and we at least got to see that stupid fat cop get blown away in the motel shootout. I seriously came close to stopping watching because of the chief in season 3. I thought maybe he was in on it somehow or we’d at least get to see him die horribly or apologise to Gloria but nope, he was just an extremely irritating plot device. Bullshit!

I understand that Fargo isn’t really a “happy endings” show, and that they don’t want to do the obvious things and they want to keep people guessing, but I thought they took it a bit far in S3.

Another thing, Hanzee is Mr. Tripoli are you fucking kidding me?! The baddest, meanest, hardest motherfucker from the entire series, and Malvo just cakewalks through his entire building full of goons and then kills him like it’s nothing. And the worst part is they could have fixed this so, so easily by having the other guy in that scene (who actually looks like Mr. Tripoli) say something like “Hmm that’s a good line,” or something to that effect. Or just done away with it altogether because it was completely unnecessary. I can’t believe Hawley thought that was a good idea, to give such a trivial death to one of (I think) the best characters in the show.

Curious to know what others think. Agree? Disagree? Any other stuff you thought was a bit shit? Obviously it’s a brilliant show and I can’t wait for S4 but let’s hear about the stuff you thought wasn’t great.

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