“Never trust anything that comes from the sea”…

Ethical and Psychological egoism is the idea that we should/we do act in our own favor under every circumstance. Our ability to return to our primal instincts and leave behind our moral views to participate in a lifestyle in which everything we do is to service ourselves is almost impossible in today’s society. We have become interpretive to ‘signs from god’ and have lost our awareness towards our original instincts while evolving to the point where we could be going backwards. Becoming absent minded and uninformed about how we were “made to behave” to the point where these ideologies are only seen as ridiculous.

The nature of Lester’s evil begins with Malvo and the idea “what if you’re right and they’re wrong?” from the motivational poster. When Malvo talks to Lester, he blatantly speaks about returning to primal instincts in order to achieve greatness. Most fans know that Malvo’s goal was to push his victims to his view on the world. He would make them kill and do horrible things, turning them ultimately into a predator. Lester listens to Malvo and believes he’s on the right track when he becomes inspired by the poster, but he doesn’t realize he’s actually pushed himself backwards. Using the poster to “move forward” from original ideologies actually does the opposite and creates a paradox Lester is stuck in mainly because he’s interpreting a motivational poster as a sign to change his entire moral compass. Some could argue that Lester couldn’t have changed right then and there, but his choice to continue to lie and cheat begs to differ. The episode titles of season 1 are also all riddles and paradoxes, dominantly from Greek philosophy. The biggest problem with Lester’s judgement is how much worse he makes it for himself to the point where he literally reverses his evolution. Fish are preeminent in the season from motivation posters, to hanging on walls, computer pop-ups, and literally falling out of the sky. When Lester dies, he returns to the sea, the place of which he originally evolved from, creating a paradox upon human nature and where it will actually take us. I will quickly say Stavros is also an example of this, as his dangerous interpretation of symbolism leads him to his failure and death of his son by his original nature, fish.

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