In a way, Lester is an accidental hero.

His actions led to Lorne Malvo being attacked by the Fargo Crime Syndicate, how many lives do you think were saved because Malvo took out an entire mob of people? But then that also eventually led to the death of Lorne Malvo, another killer, Lorne Malvo and The Fargo Crime syndicate were both erradicated because Lester decide to hammer his wife, so in a way, his wife is the hero for annoying him so much, but even then Lester wouldn’t of killed her if not for Malvo’s manipulations, so I guess Malvo is responsible for, his own death, so really, Malvo is the hero of the whole show, because he killed Malvo, but those events also led to VM Varga’s corporations being taken out by Mr Wrench, how many lives do you think that saved? Think about it for a second before you downvote the post then call me hurtful names. think about it

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