Technically, yes. In the last episode of season 2, Hanzee Dent receives IDs and social security with the name Moses Tripoli on it. But I still have some major doubts as to whether Hanzee assumes this identity or if he assume another (being Lorne Malvo). Though it really could be the case that this was sloppy writing because Hanzee becoming Tripoli is about the most uninteresting plot twist I’ve heard of while Hanzee becoming Malvo would have played better.

Here are some things I’ve considered: 1. Hanzee and Malvo have obvious similarities: both loners, both men of few words, both have a similar build (much more than comparing Hanzee to Tripoli in Season 1)–especially because facial reconstruction/plastic surgery is an option but holy shit body reconstruction wasn’t on the table. 2. In season 2, Mike Milligan, while in the Gerhardt mansion, accuses Dodd’s friend of trying to steal a large sum of cash hidden in a cabinet. In season 1, Malvo goes after the owner of the supermarket chain, blackmailing him to retrieve a suitcase full of cash that had been buried under snow about 20 years beforehand. It’s possible that Hanzee goes back for the cash he knows is in the Gerhardt household and Malvo later looks for the same cash. 3. In season 2’s last episode while Hanzee is receiving his new identity he is watching the Deaf guy and his friend (who later turn out to be the assigned killers to kill Malvo in season 1. Hanzee protects the boys from bullies on the playground. In season 1, Malvo miraculously doesn’t kill the Deaf guy after having tried to kill him claiming he was the only one to get as close to killing him. Perhaps this was an expression of mercy granted by Malvo if he had seen these kids when they were younger. 4. In season 1, Malvo enters Lou’s Coffee Shop and has a conversation with Lou. In this conversation, Lou brings with Sioux Falls and asks Malvo if he’s even been. During the conversation Malvo seems to avoid making associations to what happened in 1979. 5. Hanzee gets the entire Gerhadt family killed. Malvo kills the entire Fargo mafia. 6. The haircut that Hanzee asks from Peggy, the beautician, is Malvo’s haircut.

What do you guys think?

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