Malvo Smoking

As a big fan of the Fargo TV series, I’m very much aware that it’s a show that pays a huge amount of attention to detail. So I was just curious as to what people thought about Malvo lighting up a cigarette outside the “Nygaard Insurance” building, after he killed Lester’s second wife?

Throughout the entire series, there’s almost no evidence of Malvo being the type to use any sort of drug. He may have been a bit of a drinker when he was undercover in those last couple episodes (when he was pretending to be friends with those people in Las Vegas), but I assumed that was all part of his act.

When he smoked, however, it didn’t seem as though he was aware anyone was watching him, which would indicate that it’s a personal pleasure of his. But it seems strange that he would be victim to any sort of addiction, since he always seemed like the type who was highly intelligent, in full control of himself and the people around him, and very sharp without the influence of drugs.

What are your thoughts?

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