Here’s a brief idea I have for season 4

Two men, close friends, own a secruity business in Fargo, but of course it is Fargo, a very safe place, their business is going bankrupt, so they decide to start robbing people’s houses, eventually they rob a big house, but oh God, it’s a house of a drug lord, they stole 100s of thousands worth of cash from the house, along with a bag of pure columbian.

So after robbing it, it turns out one of the friends connected to these two men buy all the stolen goods off of them, they give it all to him for free seeing as they stole 100s of thousands, well it also turns out the guy who got the stolen items off of them, he buys product from the drug lord that he sells himself, he goes and meets to drug dealer, asking to buy his first pound of cocaine, he offers to give him any of the stolen items, including, a laptop, he shows the laptop to the drug dealer, the drug dealer notices the laptop is his that was stolen the other day before.

He then says “Try to guess the password to the laptop, I know, try "cocknballs one word.”

The guy responds confused “cocknballs?”

“Figure it out” the dealer responds, the guy then tries the password “cocknballs” one word, in the laptop, and would you know it, it opens “Of course, the odds are 100%, when it’s my fucking laptop.” The drug lord says. Then cutting off the guys fingers with a knife.

The drug lord starts asking him who he got the laptop from, because he wants to get his money and cocaine back, in the guys pocket is directions to the security business of the guys that were burgling him, title comes, up, first episode finished, sound like a badass idea or what? A tale of two newcomers in crime having to do what it takes to survive against a more vicious criminal.

This is what you want