A few small observations about details in Seri…

Or ‘things that I’m not sure deserve their own thread but I still found interesting’.

  • In episode 1, when Emmit receives the call from Sy, in the background there is a news report that has something to do with Obama and the birth certificate controversy. I believe it’s about this, which came a few days after Obama released his long-form certificate, which would have required future presidential candidates to release their birth certificates. It also talks about how “58% of Americans believe that Obama was born in the US”. The release was in April 2011, which would not quite fit with the timeline of the show, but it fits well with the overall themes of truth, and could be a subtle Trump-eque reference. There is another news report in episode 4 when Varga joins Emmit for dinner but I can’t pick out what it’s about. Take a listen to both and see what you think!

  • Subtle Emmit perspective shift between episodes:

Episode 2:

Sy: Your brother’s a loser.
Emmit: He’s not a loser.
Sy: Well, he’s doing a pretty good imitation.

Episode 4:

Varga: But first you need to tell me, uh, is your brother going to be a problem?
Emmit: Ray? No, he – it’s just a dumb rivalry.
Varga: And the girl?
Emmit: I don’t – I mean, he’s, honestly, a loser. So what else could she be?

  • Emmit and Ray appear to like the same sweets, probably as a result of their shared upbringing. Here’s a shot of some on Emmit’s desk and here’s some on Ray’s table. I don’t think it’s a coincidence as there are some different ones with stripes on Sy’s desk in episode 4 here (and the bowl is moved to the back table by Varga before the mug scene in episode 5, showing his control). Also, no-one ever eats any of them (at least on-screen) in the series – but then again, does anyone ever eat ‘desk sweets’ in reality? And yes, before you ask, I have watched this series way too many times.

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