Finally watched Season 3.

Wow, obviously, just wow.

Couple of things I’ve thought of:

  1. How did Sy grow a beard in the space of what, a week in hospital?

  2. Why the hell was Emmit killed a whole 5 years later?

  3. Yuri’s story just seemed a little….pointless. Like I understand weird elements are thrown in because it’s a ‘true’ story and you’re sat there thinking “Oh my god that actually happened?”, but of course, we know it’s not true so that’s pretty fucking meta, but why was his storyline thrown in? It doesn’t fit in the plot device. I mean, neither did the UFO in S2 but that was still sensical with the heightened UFO fears in that time period.

  4. Paul. In reality would Nikki have said “So…I met this guy at the bowling alley and he gave me a car?”, or in storyland did it actually happen as the audience saw it?

What I like about Fargo is that the creators manage to weave an intricate, dark, unfortunate tale where people come to succumb to their own misfortunes. But what does get a bit annoying are these plot devices. The story of the Android Minsky was wonderful, and things like that are fine, but the whole crap about Gloria not being able to activate sensors I mean….come on?

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