This is the best idea for Season 4 of Fargo.

In season 4, it starts off with this guy, and he really wants to see Season 4 of Fargo and he can’t wait for it to come to Netflix, it takes so darn long for it to come it Netflix so he goes to UTorrent and Torrents it, he watches the whole season, but the local police force get a report of it, so he calls for a hitman to come and help him, and plot twist, it’s Lorne Malvo, an entire SWAT team break through his door to arrest him to pirating the show, then Lorne Malvo shows up and kills them all, he then runs away, but the guy does what Lester does, knocks himself out and frames Malvo for Torrenting the show, it would be a great story and also a great way to show the dangers of illegally downloading your favorite TV shows.

This is what you want