I think Fargo would make an awesome video game…

Think about it, they can make their own story because Fargo is multiple different stories, they could make their own story for the video game, it could go something like this.

So it’s an open world game with a detailed map of Minnesota and North Dekota, but here’s the twist, you play three different characters in 3 different time zones, one main character in like 2006, one main character in the 70s or 80s, and one main character in maybe 2020 or some time after 2006 like 2016 or something, you can switch between these time zones at any time you want, the interesting thing is is they’ll have to re-design the map in 3 different time zones, and if they did it right and detailed it, it would work great, you’d have to adapt to different timezones, and you can chec out how certain areas may have been different in a certain year, like in the 80s/70s timeline maybe there’s a building that hasn’t been built yet or is being built etc, so it’s the same map but in 3 different timezones in the same universe, each timezone has it’s own storyline and experience, but they’re all connected to each other in a way that you find out through the story, there’s so much you can do with it.

It adds great and awesome detail to the game where you do tasks you need to along with the story and game.

And in each story you’re required to do certain things that go along with the story, like for example it could start off with the 2006 timeline, and you play as a character who might start off by getting involved in some sort of crime story, that builds up over time to something bigger, what is this story? We don’t know, but I can imagine it can be done really well and good and amazing to create an amazing story, just think of some of the best stories you may have seen in a show or game for example.

What would the game be like? Would it be realistic, would it be a little less grounded in reality, I’m sure there’s ways it could be pulled off, like maybe when you’re not doing a main story mission for example you can just explore the map, and on every corner there’s always something new, something that gets you into a task or immerses you into the world, maybe a random character or someone you know needs you to do something or help you with something, maybe it can be something random like having to do some kind of task, you might play as a character where they’re a criminal or they build up into the criminal life, which would involve you doing tasks in certain ways that makes sense to the story, in this world you might know a firearms dealer that sells you weapons that you might need at some point in the game, and the world’s dynamics are perfectly designed, like characters in the game might be influenced by you or influence you in some way or another, people the main character is connected to, family friends or people involved with you.

The game would have many challenges and interesting things happen throughout, and it would all be told in a 3 timeline sequence, you’d be very immersed in the way it’s presented.

The game’s story could also have a sequence of choices and decisions throughout the that effect the outcomes of the story and what happens to the people that exist with the 3 main characters in this story, it’s an open world Minnesota and North Dekota that is completely free for you to do what you want in it… With consequences.

It wouldn’t just be a random fun game either, it would be really detailed where everything would make sense, and you need to play the game carefully and make sure you survive.

For the map itself, I don’t need to say much, you guys know what Fargo looks like from seeing it, the place would be a ton of fun to explore and be in, with many buildings and places and interesting locations full of lively things going on that you can interact with and get to know.

There’s a lot more I can say and add to try and explain this idea I have in my head, but you know how it is when you can’t get the right words up in your head, this game idea would be an awesome open world where you might be involved in doing things, getting into trouble, but it would all be in an immersive and perfect way.

Like I said I find it hard to explain things in the best way at the moment, but this is a brief example of this idea we have.

There’s a lot more I have I could write that I was and am thinking of, I just had to leave out some details cos I keep forgetting the best way to write it down, so I might sip over some text, which I can try to add to this submission at some point.

This is what you want