Apologies to Michael Stuhlbarg

I finished Season 3 the other night. I loved it all.

I thought Joaquin Phoenix put in an absolutely excellent performance as Sy the entire way through.

I watched Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water last night. I loved it.

In the first part of the film I kept on thinking “Is that Joaquin Phoenix?”. Later in the film I thought to myself: “That IS Joaquin Phoenix. He really is a great actor. He’s an absolute chameleon!”

It took me 10 hours of Fargo, a whole other film and some Googling to realise that Michael Stuhlbarg is not Joaquin Phoenix. I would like to apologise to Mr Stuhlbarg for not giving him the credit he deserves in my own head, and acknowledge that he is such a good actor that not only did I really enjoy his performance in both of these parts, but he has made me fundamentally question what is true and how I perceive reality.

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