What the characters represent for me[possible …

Hi there, fellow redditors! this is my first post on reddit. i created this account because i HAD to discuss with people about this show(BTW my account´s name is the first thing that came into my mind).

So, this post is about a “reading” i did on some of the characters in S1. In episode 3 i realised that the characters, their actions, their way of thinking and their relationship with other characters could fit in expressions you will see later in my post.

Altough i came up with this solely in my ownm i think it is possible that someone could have developed a similar theory before me. Also, you are free to use this theory in any way you want, like making a video or posting in another subreddit.

So, after this long prologue, lets get started at the subject, shall we?

Lester. For me Lester is Clearly the representation of Lie and omission. One can see how he knew he would have to lie and omit with all the charisma he could possibly have. He even incriminated his brother. Also, the way his character connects with Molly and Bill will point out that he represents lie.

Bill. Bill for me represents Ignorance. First of all, he doesnot even care about Molly´s conclusions. He starts descrediting her based only in his personal opinion. In his mind, Molly is an unexperienced officer and he is 100% right about the case. Also, the way he believes in Lester is almost blind trust, and he see´s Lester(Lie) as the victim because they did high school together. Anyway, for me Bill coincides as Ignorance

Molly. Well, Molly for me is the Seek for Truth, or for short, the Truth. The way she wants to connect everything in all the possible ways, the seek for every detail and she trying to work all day with almost no rest. Also, the way she wants to ask Lester(Lie) some questions about the case, and the way Bill(Ignorance) stops her and lets Lester get away show pretty clearly what every character represent.

Linda for me is another clear character. She represents Naiveness. The way she gets impressed with Lester(Lie) and believes in every lie he tell. Plus she helped Lester get away from Molly, and just like Ignorance, Naiveness makes us believe in lies and distrust the truth.

Stavros for me is Blind Faith. He atributes men-made actions God. When his son is tryies to tell him the truth about the insects in the supermarket, Stavros tells him to shut up. Stavros mind is rock-solid and will not change, even when confronted by the truth. There is a scene where he tells the parking lot guy that if he believes in god he should open the gate for him, and the guy does open it. Isn´t this an example of Blind Faith?

Last but not Least we have Ida. Im certain that Ida represent Indecision. She just couldn´t pick a color for the baby room, until it was too late. She chose a Baby name that she didn´t want.

that is it guys. there are some characters that i didn´t see any word or expression to describe, like Malvo and Gus, but if you see feel free to tell me in the coments. Also, sorry for my bad english, im 13 and only speak portuguese

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